Crate Display Shelving Units

Regular price $25.00

One by Two Horizontal: 16.5”H 36”W 9.5”D, two unfinished crates side by side horizontally with painted hairpin legs. 

One by One Horizontal: 16.5”H 18”W 9.5”D, one unfinished crate horizontally on 4 painted hairpin legs.

Two by Two Horizontal: 29”H 36”W 9.5”D, four unfinished crates stacked two high and two across horizontally on painted hairpin legs.

One by Three Vertical: 22”H 36”W 9.5”D, three unfinished crates attached side by side vertically on painted hairpin legs. 

Can be picked up at Pop Katonah, 194 Katonah Avenue after April 23.

Can be purchased online or with cash in person